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How to use V5 Smartphone Gimbal
- Jun 05, 2018 -

If use the Gimbal for the first time or it’s under any of following situations , please calibrate :

Slight deviation is found at the horizontal angle after the Gimbal power on.

Too large temperature difference between operation environments.

A small angle adjustment is found when the Gimbal is in level position while the stabilizer stays still.

Calibration Operation Steps as below

Step1.First, keep the joystick downward and then power on, the green light is long light and the red light slow flashing, indicating that enter into the gyroscope calibration mode.

Step2.Put the gimbal still on a horizontal table surface and single click the mode button.

Step3. The indicator light turns green, the red light is quick flashing and keep the gimbal static for about 10s

Step4. If the calibration is successful,the indicator will turn to the green and it’s always on, red light is slow flashing; If the calibration is failed,the indicator will turn off, the red light is quick flashing

Step5. After calibration is complete, turn off and restart the gimbal.


Joystick Operation

Pan-Following Mode: Control the mobile phone lens up/down.

Locking Mode: Control the mobile phone lens up/down and left/right sides.


App operation installation 

Android phone can be used through Google play or Tencent Application Treasure, iOS can be downloaded through the Apple store “self-timer robot”

Turn on the Gimbal after installing the phone.

Start the “self-timer robot”in the phone and select ‘hand-held Gimbal”, APP will automatically search for the Gimbal and connect. Please turn on your phone’s Bluetooth function.