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AFI V5 Smartphone Gimbal Indicator Light introduction
- Jun 05, 2018 -

LED Indicator Light


Status Indicator Instruction:

The current mode of the stabilizer can be identify by the status indicator.

Single Blinking(The default state when turn on): Panning Following Mode.

Double Blinking: Full Following mode.

Tripe Blinking: Locking mode.

Charging/Power Indicator:

Uncharged : Power indication,red light or blue light always being on is normal working,red light  slow flashing is low battery remainder, red light quick flashing is low battery warming.

Charging: Red light blinking is charging, red light being on is finished charging.

Bluetooth: The indicator is blue when the Bluetooth is connected,or else the indicator is red.

USB Port:

There are two USB interfaces for Gimbal.

Micro USB Port: Can charge the stabilizer,connect the stabilizer to the computer for firmware upgrade and parameter setting.

USB Power Supplying Port: Output 5v to 2A current.