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AFI 3-Axis Brushless Hand-held Steady Gimbal A5
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Brushless Motor Driven Steady Gimbal

The gimbal body adopts aviation aluminum alloy. It is made by precision CNC machining with anodized surface treatment, which can compete with the smart phone processing technology. It is a steady shooting system with the high combination of the software and the hardware.


Perfect 3-D space combination of magnetism, electricity and force

The gyroscope can get the accurate movement attitude parameter of the action camera. The magnetic encoder can take the detailed record about the relative angle change of the single axis. The intelligent algorithm can drive the real-time correction of the brushless motor


Convenient power improvement

The more user-friendly battery protection system is featured by low-voltage protection and

over-discharge protection, which brings you safer and quicker operation experience. 

3-Axis Hand-held Steady Gimbal A5 is compatible with GoPro5/ GoPro4/GoPro3+/

GoPro3 cameras and other similar size action cameras.