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AFI V5 -The Best Smartphone Gimbal In 2018
- Aug 06, 2018 -

   As mobile phones shooting becomes more and more popular,the popular V series of hand-held Gimbal will continue its innovation.We will launch brand new Gimbal V5 combined with past experience and technology,it will be obviously improve the work efficiency of site.According to the history of V series,we have developed new features and optimize performance,we believe that the product will show more substantial achievement at the market.

  Compared to the previous series, V5 smartphone stabilizer’s new system will make the gimbal more sensitiveness and lighter.  

  The new features are focusing wheel and fill light which to subvert the obsolete pattern of filming,the user can directly choose appropriate focusing and light effect during the shooting,not only save user time,but also can take more professional photos. 

  This major upgrade reflects the confidence and determination of the AFI for mobile phone shooting.At the beginning of design,V series considered a number of future upgrades.Now it’s the first evolution,but our steps never stopped,we will continuously create more new hardware and new technologies for V series.