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The User Experience Of MPR01
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Do you know how to shooting panorama alone? Do you know panorama equipment which cheap but usable? If you don’t know about it, please close reading this article. 

AFI MRP01 which i have had firsthand experience,it is cheap,easy to carry and sample operation. I can't wait to open it as soon as received it.

The box is a litter bigger than AFI MRP01 main body. But there are other things inside it.

From the left: packing bag,remote control,AFI MPR01,smartphone holder,Gopro clamp,manual, charging cable.

How big is the MRP01? just like this.

First install the smartphone on the MRP01,then connect the remote control to the phone Bluetooth.If without connect phone Bluetooth,the remote control only use for controlling the turn of panorama head,can not control the shutter of smartphone. But if you installed camera,that is no need to connect the Bluetooth.

The phone holder is also small,not like the”I “shape which we usually saw,either horizontal clamp or vertical clamp will do. Small size but big use,it’s very cool,right?

The remote control without the power button,the “switch”is used for controlling the starting or stop of the rotation. The battery holder is filled with insulation sheet,then pulled it out to power on.

Please attention: the Bluetooth of smartphone is connected to MRP01,not connect to the remote control.

So when you are connecting,please remember to turn on MRP01. Using the control remote to control the panorama and shutter of smartphone,so easy!

Pull all in the package,NO PROBLEM!

In the restaurant

Test the panorama head with smartphone on the square.

Since the position is too low,which affects the effect. 

MRP01 installed on the tripod via quick release plate.

Panorama shooting must be controlled the level. Because of my tripod is built-in the bubble level,no need to bring the other one.

The panorama photo with the high position.

360 degree panorama photography.

The remote control has 10S time-lapse function, which can use for taking a selfie.

Summarize a few points

  1. AFI smartphone panorama head must adjust the level when you are using it,of course,it will be best that you can bring a mini tripod.

  2. Make sure the infrared receiver is facing you when you are shooting.