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How To Achieve the right balance
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Achieve the right balance

This may require some adjustment to balance your camera. You may need to repeat the steps above to get the balance you want.


Pay attention to the weight and settings used when you get the right balance. You should also look at the setting of the quick release board so that you can use it again.


When you get the right balance, you should be able to tilt or move the camera you shoot. Put your camera in, put your thumb on the ring (the ring is just below the receiver base, on the handle). Use your thumb to turn the wreath, turn the camera to the left or right.


Tilt the thumb to the bottom of the receiver bracket. Apply a little pressure until the camera tilts in the direction you want. Once the shooting is completed, the quick release plate and the camera turn off the stabilizer. Do not place stabilizer on the uniform surface of the camera because it may cause damage.